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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps Omaha


Types of Wraps

There are two different types of vehicle wraps in Omaha:

  • digitally printed
  • pre-cured

Digitally Printed Vehicle Wraps Omaha

These ones are designed on a computer and printed on a wide-format printer.

Pre-cured Car Wraps Omaha

Whereas pre-cured ones come in a variety of solid colors (everything from ultra-metallic to matte) and textured films (such as carbon fiber or snake skin).

Custom Car Wraps Omaha

Custom car wraps and vehicle graphics can come in just about any on all sorts of shapes, colors and images – the options  are virtually endless. With a wide variety of materials, colors and textures available, almost anything that can be conceived can be produced and installed.

Advertising Vehicle Wraps Omaha

A vehicle wrap is taking the world of marketing and advertising into a new direction. All companies who use vehicles seriously consider Omaha vehicle wraps as a promotion solution and advertising.  Vehicle wraps in Omaha, NE are the most efficient and affordable ways of advertisements.

Keep your business’s message broadcasting on highways and roads for years with investing in a custom car wrap. Considering car wrap:

  • costs
  • durability
  • visibility
  • mobility costs

Are extremely economical to traditional in comparison. Go beyond a small decal on the side door of the vehicle or on the back. Consider installing a full vehicle wrap that showcases your:

  • company’s official colors
  • logo
  • contact information

Our dedicated and in-house graphic designers will take your logo and bring it to life on your company’s commercial vehicles.

Color Change

Whatever color you would like your car to be, OMAHA  AUTO WRAPS can make it happen. Not only will it look fantastic and like new, wrapping is cheaper than a re-spray, and helps protect your paintwork from chips- unlike paint. When you come to sell your motor, you can remove the vinyl wrap and your vehicle will be in better condition underneath than others of the same age which haven’t been wrapped. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colors including:

  • carbon fiber
  • matte colors
  • chrome

That offer a unique, head-turning look to your ride.

Custom Auto Wraps Omaha Types

Having a custom vinyl floor wrap, as part of the overall decor of your event, can be a great way to combine functionality with beautiful aesthetics. In order to ensure that we are able to make your vision come to life, we will work closely with you throughout the design process.  Bring your walls to life!

Custom wall wraps are large decals that are printed on premium self-adhesive vinyl. These amazing wall wraps can be used anywhere, wall ceilings, home, bedrooms, office , garage, you name it.  We can print stunning, high definition images from your favorite photographs or from your own art for any wall wrap. Wall wraps are easy to put up and take down, making it easy to use for business purposes.  Want a stunning business display at a trade convention?  We can work with any measurements you have. Even outside is a great way to customize your storefront.  Most wall wraps are digitally printed on vinyl and then laminated with a clear film that provides protection from the sun and other elements.

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