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5 tips to take care of your car wraps during the winter

The weather is important for the care of your car wrap

The weather is something very important to consider for our car wraps, especially in winter, when temperatures drop and make the care and maintenance of our car wrap become more important. A broken or neglected car wrap can lower the quality in which customers perceive your business.

Omaha Auto Wraps, as experts in car wrapping, will give you 5 tips in this article to protect your car wraps and keep them good as new throughout winter.

Omaha Auto Wraps, as experts in car wrapping

1.-Avoid using scrapers on your car wrap

While we must clear snow from the windshield before driving on a snowy day, it is important to avoid the use of scrapers, as these and hard brushes can scratch the vehicle wrap. We recommend using cloths, soft brushes or a waterproof glove with an absorbent towel to rub the snow from the car. You can apply warm (not hot) water to slowly rinse the snow.

to avoid the use of scrapers

2.-Don’t allow snow turn into ice

If the snow is not removed in time it turns into ice, and if this occurs, the ice can adhere to the surface of the car wrap. Peeling off ice is very complicated and can damage your car wrap, so remove snow from your car as soon as possible.

If the snow is not removed in time it turns into ice,

3.-Repair scratches or holes in the car wrap

Leaving any holes or scratches in the car’s wrapping unrepaired can become a bigger and more expensive problem in the future.

Leaving any holes or scratches in the car's wrapping

Addressing recent damage may be more repairable. Identify the damage and quickly take your car wrap for a touch-up. This will cost you less than fixing a large hole or redoing a full wrap.

4.-Clean your car regularly

The best way to avoid damage to your car wrap is to get into the habit of regularly cleaning any dirt. By keeping your car clean you avoid contaminating the wrap and altering the colors.

selective focus shot of man cleaning car s back headlight with microfiber cloth 1

We recommend cleaning your car with a damp sponge and a non-abrasive detergent. Perform the cleaning gently and rinse with cold or warm water, finally dry with a soft cloth.

5.-Care in washing

A regular wash with warm water is the best option for the care of your car’s wrapping. Avoid pressure washes unless they are necessary, as these washes usually peel off the wrap over time.

If you carry out this type of washing, we recommend that you do it with the minimum pressure, cold water and never near the packaging, since this can be damaged by the pressure exerted by the water, which causes it to begin to detach or even have some damage like small cracks.

A regular wash with warm water is the best option

If you need any repairs on your car wrap, keep in mind to always call trained professionals. At Omaha Auto Wraps we offer the best service in all of Omaha Nebraska in car wraps, where you will take the message and image of your company everywhere.

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