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Process of Paint Protection Film Application

Paint Protection Film is considered one of the most important accessories for your vehicle. Something very annoying for owners of cars with perfect and shiny paint jobs, is having to make a road trip and that the stones or pieces of debris bounce on the car marking and scraping the surface severely damaging the paint. That is why we do the installation of the Paint Protection Film on cars, bicycles, trucks, motorcycles, and any other type of vehicle, either covering only a part or covering the vehicle completely.

There are several steps before proceeding with installation that people take for granted, but it is a difficult job that only professionals can carry out these steps that a high-quality paint protection kit provides for your car. As obvious as this may seem, protection kits must be designed and tested beforehand. This is done by using a mapping plotter, to plot the surfaces of the car panel. Measured and drawn before being mapped with the node plotter on a digitized carpet, this carpet is linked to a computer which assigns an image to specially designed software. From there the installer can edit and adjust the design after each application until the perfect shape is obtained to fit the lines of the car. Once perfected, it is adjusted and cut for installation.

The excess paint protection is removed, to leave only the necessary panel parts on a backing sheet. This is a process called “weeding” which is a term used between signs and those who cut vinyl regularly.

Once the main parts are left, they can be applied to the car, as long as the car has already been properly prepared for the installation of paint protection film. One of the big problems that installers face when applying film or vinyl to a painted surface is any residue or particle of any material: A degreaser is used to remove this, making sure that the surface of the body is clean and smooth without lumps or bumps that will be visible under the film throughout its useful life.

After the degreaser has been sprayed on the vehicle, prepared for installation and dried, the Film solution can be sprayed on the area where the paint protection film will be applied first, this is a solution that ensures that the Film is not damaged in any way when installed on the paper. It also allows a bit of sliding so it can be moved in place before being adjusted, which is pressed with a rubber tool to remove all the moisture between the adhesive and the paint, in a permanent position and shape.

Once the film has been installed on the surface of the paint, a brush is used to remove the air bubbles under it. This will be done by moving from the center to the outside of the Film, applying a small amount of pressure. Once the film has been fully installed, a heat gun is used to establish the film’s memory. All protective films have a memory, this means that unless it is heated and put back on after it has been installed, it will try to return to its original shape, which can lead to a possible detachment of the body panels. A professional has a heat gun with a probe that indicates the exact temperature you need to reach to put the new form of Paint Protection Film.

Finally, the vehicle should be left for 24 hours ideally before going back on the road, just to ensure that the film remains in place and settles correctly. Then a cleaning is done to the vehicle afterwards to remove any residue or any mark that appears throughout the process, remembering that once applied the film can be treated as any painted surface. Remember that all that is applied by professionals, here at Omaha Auto Wraps, we are certified to carry out this type of work in the most professional way, giving satisfactory results for clients, visit us at 5306 73rd St, Ralston, NE 68127, United States. You can also visit our website www.omahaautowraps.com to learn more about us and the services we provide.

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