There are several common questions that people have about custom Omaha storefront signs. As you consider your options for your new signage you may find the following information helpful. Finding the right exterior sign can make all the difference for your business. After all, an outdoor sign is your chance to make a lasting first impression, and it’s a good idea to make the most of it.

Omaha Storefront Signs FAQ’s

Custom signs are ideal for your business, organization, event or even your home. There are so many uses for custom signs that it’s impossible to list them all. Some of the most popular things people use custom signs for are to promote:

  • products
  • businesses
  • fundraisers
  • events and sales
  • instructional or directional purposes such as signs in schools and street signs
  • personal use in the home as family plaques or to display an inspirational message

Why does my business need a sign?

Exterior Omaha Storefront signs serve a number of important functions for any business. First and foremost, they’re a quick and easy way to advertise and draw attention to your business. If you’re a small business owner in Omaha, an effective sign can be a better investment than any number of print advertisements.

What text should my outdoor business sign contain?

Most exterior business signs focus on including the name of the business. Many business signs in Omaha also include an appropriate image such as a slice of pizza for a restaurant or a hammer for a hardware store. If you have space, you might be able to include your business’ logo. As a general rule, signs are designed to intrigue. They can be extremely simple in design and still work as they are intended to.

How do I come up with an effective business sign?

​​When you’re creating your customized exterior sign, keep your customers in mind—not just your current customers, but the ones you want to attract. The sign should be visible from a distance since you want passing drivers and pedestrians to be able to read it. It should be bright, colorful, and striking enough to arouse interest from somebody who has never heard of your business before. Finally, it should be as large as possible. If your sign is small and easy to overlook, it won’t have much of an impact on passersby.

Should I ask professionals for advice?

If you don’t know what questions to ask yourself—or how to answer them—when making a design, enlist the help of your sign company. You will need a professional sign company to create the sign for you, and the team can help steer you in the right direction. These experts have an eye for detail, and they exercise their creativity daily. If you ever need some inspiration, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals where to turn next.

How long will a storefront sign last?

A sign made with quality components will last 5-6 years without major repair or maintenance. However, quality components are key to answering this question. Signs are constructed from metal, vinyl graphics, acrylic, lighting modules, and power supplies. Various quality grades are available for each of these components. Cheaper components are always available but quality components will ensure that you have a custom sign that will look good for years and require little to no maintenance.

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