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How to you know which type of window tinting is the best for you?

It’s important to define your reasons and needs before choosing your window tinting.

Some of the most common reasons for tinting windows are to reduce heat and reflections from the sun, but many people also resort to tinting to improve the appearance of their car or increase privacy.

In this article, we will give you some advice on what type of window tinting you should select according to your needs.

Polarized to reduce heat

If you’re looking to reduce the heat inside your vehicle, you should choose a high-performance polarized. This type of polarized has a high rejection of infrared rays. We recommend selecting a polarized one that has an infrared ray rejection greater than 80%.

You should know that the percentage of heat rejection is not related to how dark the film is, since there are light-toned films with high IR rejection. You can choose the color or darkness according to your taste and according to traffic regulations.

Polarized to reduce sun glare

If what you want is to reduce glare or reflection from the sun, then dark polarized sunglasses are the most recommended. It should be 35% or 20%, taking care that the front sides are not dark.

Tinted to improve the appearance of your car

If the sole purpose of tinting your car windows is to improve exterior aesthetics and privacy, a non-reflective tint may be the one for you.

Darkness level in the polarized

Traffic regulations vary by locality, but most do not allow tinted windows that obstruct visibility into the interior of the vehicle. Keep this in mind before deciding on a polarized

Demand good quality

Make sure the polarized is anti-scratch. This will help prevent it from being easily damaged over time by simply raising and lowering the window.

In the market there are many brands that do not meet the minimum quality such as having an anti-scratch layer, or a tinted color within the film. It is important to ensure that the installer uses a quality film.

Polarized colors

Window tinting is an important aspect to consider as it will help in the look and feel of your car.The most common shades or colors of polarized are:

The most common shades or colors of tinting are:

  • greenish
  • bluish
  • cafes
  • fumes

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