Whether you’re looking to block out the rays of the sun or prying eyes, tinting windows of your car is an excellent solution. It can also enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle. Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking about tinting the windows on your car, you’re going to have to make some choices because, believe it or not, there are actually several types of car window tinting in Omaha.

Common Types Car Window Tinting Omaha & Their Benefits

Below, we’ll highlight some of the most popular common types of car window tinting Omaha used on cars and the benefits each type provides.

Carbon Film Car Window Tinting in Omaha

Carbon film is one of the most popular types of window tinting used on cars. That’s because it offers three benefits: the carbon content blocks out up to 40 percent of the sun’s UV rays, so it reduces glare, keeps the interior of a car cooler, and helps to prevent upholstery fading. Another benefit: It looks good.

Metalized Car Window Tinting in South Omaha

Metalized tinting blocks filters out sunlight, which helps to keep the temperatures down inside a car. The film used with this type of tinting is comprised of small, nearly undetectable particles of metal, which are embedded in the tinting material. And, since it’s made out of metal particles, it helps to increase the strength of a car’s windows and can help to prevent the risk of both shattering and scratching.

Dyed Auto Window Tinting Omaha

For car owners who don’t want to spend a lot of money but want to add tinting to their windows, dyed film is a great solution. It’s cost-effective, so it’s a budget-friendly option. The dye is applied to the film in several layers, which helps to absorb heat from the sun, and can therefore keep the temperature inside your car down. Dyed tinting is pretty dark, so it also adds a nice effective to a car. The only downside is that it does tend to fade and will likely need to be replaced over time.

Hybrid Vehicle Window Tinting Omaha

Hybrid window tinting is aptly named because it is comprised of both dye and minute metallic pieces. As such, it offers all of the benefits that metallic and dyed window tinting provides, including reduced glare and heat reflection; plus, it increases the strength of the windows it’s used on, too. It has a subtle look; it isn’t too shiny or dark, so it offers some privacy, too.

Crystalline Auto Window Tinting Services in Omaha, NE

If you’re looking to keep the interior of your car cool, but you don’t want to darken the windows, crystalline tinting is an option you should consider. It’s transparent, so it won’t add any darkness to your windows and you’ll be able to still see into and out of your windows without issue; however, crystalline effectively prevents UV light and the heat of the sun from entering your car, so it will keep your car cool and will help to prevent your upholstery from fading.

When deciding what type of tinting you should apply to your car’s windows, take your specific needs into consideration. Whatever those needs may be, one of the above-mentioned types of tinting should suit them.

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