While there really are no set rules when it comes to choosing the right vehicle wrap color in Omaha, knowing what different colors mean will go a long way in helping you narrow down your options. No matter what line of business you are in, color selection is an important decision. This is because colors play an important role in determining what type of customers you will attract.

Psychologists have long since known that color weighs heavily on our perception. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Academy of Marketing Science, car wrap color largely affects purchasing intent. This is because colors have a tremendous impact on how a business is perceived.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Wrap Color in Omaha, Nebraska

When creating a design or choosing a vinyl wrap for your vehicle, you’re inevitably going to choose colors to communicate your brand and goals. Though it can seem a bit daunting to pick these colors for your vehicle wrap, having a clear framework for choosing the right colors can help. So, how do you know which car wrap colors are best?

Know what the different vehicle wrap colors in Omaha mean

  • Black — Think luxury. Black tie, black dresses, black cars — if your wrap is reflective of a luxurious, sophisticated aesthetic, black is the top choice.
  • White — White can fit a number of molds, but is typically thought to reflect safety, cleanliness and youth.
  • Gray — On vehicles, gray exudes a sense of tradition, dependability and stability.
  • Blue — The generally favorite color, blue evokes a trustworthy feeling, and is typically associated with loyalty, confidence and authority. Different shades, however, hold complex meanings.
  • Green — Though green carries a variety of associations, it is generally associated with money, freshness and the environment.
  • Red — The most emotionally intense color, red reflects power, determination and passion.
  • Orange — Associated with joy, tropicality and heat, orange has high visibility and a stimulating effect, therefore doing well in promoting food or game-related products.
  • Yellow — Wielded carefully, yellow can convey happiness, friendship and positive energy.
  • Brown — Brown is a neutral color that holds seasonal associations, as well as senses of earthiness, honesty and warmth.
  • Purple — Historically symbolizing royalty and nobility, purple conveys magic, unity and ambition.

Tips to help you choose the right vehicle wrap color design

Take Measurement Of The Vehicle Sides

Before going to the drawing board to start creating vehicle wrap design, a designer and business owner should observe the vehicle and take its measurements.

Make Sure It Addresses Your Brand And Market

When choosing a vehicle wrap design, ascertain that it is in sync with your brand message. Each image, typeface, color, and any other element used should be sending right brand signals to your target audience.

An effective way to know if the wrap ad is expressing your brand identity and message is, that you write your message on a piece of paper in a sentence or two. When the design is ready, read those sentences and see if the design is conveying the same message.

Use Bright Colors

Color is one of the most important design element. Professional graphic designers understand the value and power of colors in evoking an intended emotion. In fact, each color is now associated by designers with a set of emotions. For example, red evokes love, passion, energy and aggression.

Go For Bold Design

A wrap ad mostly covers entire surface of a vehicle such as a car and truck. When the surface is such vast, you must pay attention to creating a bold design that is attractive too. The ad should look great.

Avoid Overcrowding Of Your Design

Make sure that your vehicle wrap design is as simple as it can be. Do not overcrowd the design with too many images, hand lettering styles, colors, etc. elements of design. Traditionally wraps are colorful and eye-catching.

But that should not mean that your ad has too many images and other unwanted elements. Make your ad dynamic and colorful but ensure a high level of sophistication as well. So, avoid unnecessary clutter and let your message stand out. Remember that simplicity is one of the parameters effective ways to evaluate a quality graphic design including you wrap ad.

Omaha Auto Wraps | Right Vehicle Wrap Color in Omaha, Nebraska

Whatever color you would like your car to be, OMAHA  AUTO WRAPS can make it happen. Not only will it look fantastic and like new, wrapping is cheaper than a re-spray, and helps protect your paintwork from chips- unlike paint. When you come to sell your motor, you can remove the vinyl wrap and your vehicle will be in better condition underneath than others of the same age which haven’t been wrapped. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colors including:

  • carbon fiber
  • matte colors
  • chrome

That offer a unique, head-turning look to your ride.

Custom Auto Wraps Omaha Types

Having a custom vinyl floor wrap, as part of the overall decor of your event, can be a great way to combine functionality with beautiful aesthetics. In order to ensure that we are able to make your vision come to life, we will work closely with you throughout the design process.  Bring your walls to life!

Custom wall wraps are large decals that are printed on premium self-adhesive vinyl. These amazing wall wraps can be used anywhere, wall ceilings, home, bedrooms, office , garage, you name it.  We can print stunning, high definition images from your favorite photographs or from your own art for any wall wrap. Wall wraps are easy to put up and take down, making it easy to use for business purposes.  Want a stunning business display at a trade convention?  We can work with any measurements you have. Even outside is a great way to customize your storefront.  Most wall wraps are digitally printed on vinyl and then laminated with a clear film that provides protection from the sun and other elements.

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