Vehicle wraps are large vinyl graphics similar to a giant bumper sticker. They are printed with high-resolution photos then applied right to the original paint of a vehicle. Vehicle wraps that are properly designed, printed, and installed can last 3 to 5 years if they are well-maintained.

In order to get the most out of a vehicle wrap, it is important to use the best material for vehicle wraps.

What is the Best Material For Vehicle Wraps?

It is important to use the best material possible, which is 3M brand vinyl. 3M products have a warranty against fading, cracking, or peeling for up to 5 years. More importantly, they have proven over the years to be the most dependable and easy to work with. Here are three reasons why we exclusively use 3M brand vinyl for all of our wrap projects, which include cars, vans, trucks, buses, trailers, and even an Amtrak train car.

Flexibility Vehicle wraps

3M™ Controltac™ Plus Graphic Film IJ380 is an extremely flexible film, specially designed for the application of large format graphics onto substrates such as trucks and vans. Its high conformability allows for applications into recesses and deep channels.

Adhesive Application Vehicle wraps

3M uses a proprietary positionable adhesive system with precision-placed microscopic glass spheres embedded within its adhesive layer. These spheres help to prevent the adhesive from fully contacting the application surface until pressure is applied. This enables the graphic to be positioned, then re-positioned as many times as necessary, until it is in exactly the right place before final application.


It also allows for easy removal at any time. 3M products leave no residue and the vehicle’s paint surface is exactly like it was when the wrap was first applied.

How a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Can Protect your car?

Sure, spending the cash on a new paint job may seem like a great investment at the time. But just because you pay the expense, doesn’t mean that it is going to survive under pressure. Your paint job is actually quite fragile and can easily become ruined by being exposed to daily conditions.

Bugs and Birds

These creatures can both prove to be an acidic danger to your paint job. Bugs themselves have guts that are extremely acidic, and bird feces is also a culprit in an acid problem. These problems are things that most cars deal with on a daily basis. Owners must know that paint jobs slowly deteriorate after months of not having bug spatter and bird droppings cleaned.


The next time that you fill up at the tank, take a moment to notice how much gas spills out on your car when you pull the nozzle from your tank. If gas stains are left uncleaned after an accidental splash on your car, then you can wave goodbye to your brand new paint job. This product highly damages car paint, and over time, can become an extremely expensive fix.

Practical Jokes

We’ve all seen the dirty car in the grocery store parking lot. This is the car with the words “wash me” or other child-like doodles painted on the vehicles dusty body. This may seem like an innocent joke to the average person, but the reality is, that it is awful for your paint job.

Think of the dirt on your car as an abrasive material that has the potential to leave permanent marks on your car even after it has been washed. This means that the cute drawings that passerby make on your vehicle, could end up being a new, lasting design.

Omaha Auto Wraps

Whatever color you would like your car to be, OMAHA  AUTO WRAPS can make it happen. Not only will it look fantastic and like new, wrapping is cheaper than a re-spray, and helps protect your paintwork from chips- unlike paint. When you come to sell your motor, you can remove the vinyl wrap and your vehicle will be in better condition underneath than others of the same age which haven’t been wrapped. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colors including:

  • carbon fiber
  • matte colors
  • chrome

That offer a unique, head-turning look to your ride.

Custom Auto Wraps Omaha Types

Having a custom vinyl floor wrap, as part of the overall decor of your event, can be a great way to combine functionality with beautiful aesthetics. In order to ensure that we are able to make your vision come to life, we will work closely with you throughout the design process.  Bring your walls to life!

Custom wall wraps are large decals that are printed on premium self-adhesive vinyl. These amazing wall wraps can be used anywhere, wall ceilings, home, bedrooms, office , garage, you name it.  We can print stunning, high definition images from your favorite photographs or from your own art for any wall wrap. Wall wraps are easy to put up and take down, making it easy to use for business purposes.  Want a stunning business display at a trade convention?  We can work with any measurements you have. Even outside is a great way to customize your storefront.  Most wall wraps are digitally printed on vinyl and then laminated with a clear film that provides protection from the sun and other elements.

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