When it comes to brand awareness, a car wrap is one of the best ways in which you can increase your overall visibility. Where the car goes, your brand travels.

If someone is intrigued enough by what they spot on the car wrap, they can convert into a potential customer or lifelong client of your brand. The color you choose for the car wrap is one of the most important factors that eventually determines if anyone sees it (and pays attention to your brand when they do).

What is the Best Color Car Wrap for Brand Awareness?

Here’s how to choose the best color car wrap for maximum brand awareness.

What’s YOUR Style?

The first thing to set in stone before choosing a color for your car wrap is your own personal style. A lot can be said for the links between colors and marketing (and which of the two represents what), but sometimes which color you choose for your wrap is more about what compliments your logo.

If the great Golden Arch burger company had to choose a color for a car wrap, can you imagine any other shades except for the ones that directly compliments their characteristic (almost aggressive) logo? How about a soda truck?

Choose the color that’s right for you: What makes your logo stand out most?

Don’t Bet on Black

The color black seems like one of the most powerful ones for marketing purposes, but this depends on what you’re trying to market. For the majority of brands (unless sleek and professional is your look),l black is far too overpowering.

As a car wrap, black is also too likely to blend in with everything else, make your logo disappear completely and draw a considerable amount of heat to the car, which can eventually interfere with what used to be a flawless car.

When it comes to promotion, it’s not always best to bet on black. White and off-white can make your logo pop far more.

Sometimes Bright is Better

Consider where your car will be driving around – and what other shades are the most popular in those neighborhoods, more or less. If most cars are already red or blue, don’t imagine that your red or blue branded car is going to stand out between these options.

Bright colors can work for making your promotional image pop considerably more, as long as you take into consideration what everyone else is driving – and what the color does to your logo’s appearance as a whole.

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