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4 things you need you know about window tinting

Window tint is a thin layer in shades of gray that is applied to windows to provide UV protection, privacy, and shade from sunlight. generating more popularity in recent years.

Among the methods of window tinting, the most common are factory submerged glass and film. The submerged glass in the factory is when it arises from a pre-dyeing factory, being a little more expensive and does not always work, so some car dealers do not always offer it.

On the other hand, the film method usually offers up to 99% UV protection and has 3 layers. One is a transparent and protective layer, the second is the dye with adhesive and the third is the backing.


windo wtinting functionality

The dye is applied using water and scrapers, starting by cleaning the window completely so that it is free of impurities and dirt. For instance, if we find any impurity in the window it is possible that the dye will not stick, so it is a step of vital importance.

The film is placed inside the vehicle and using blades very carefully it begins to cut to size, so that the heat guns can reduce the size a little. once the dye is finished, the window tends to become hazy and with bubbles that begin to accumulate below the surface. This being normal since they come from the moisture that is used in the solution to apply the dye to the glass.


window tinting care

The first tip is not to open the window within 7 to 10 days at most after the application of the tint, as it is still in the application phase. after that time the window will look like a normal window but darker.

Keep in mind that the windows can be washed without problems, since the dye is inside the window. It is advisable to clean the inside of the window until it completely dries the dye as it could be wet and would be ruined.


window tinting options

Several tones of tinting are handled, among which is the tinting at 50%, 35%, 20% and 5% being the most common, 20% being the most recommended since it is the type of tone that perfectly meets the expectations of customers, being a tone not so dark that does not let you see when you are inside your vehicle but offers you a good level of privacy.

The 5% film is a tone widely used in vehicles that require a little more privacy, working perfectly to minimize the light that enters through the windows.

All these applications and recommendations are offered by experts in the field, Omaha Auto Wraps we are a team of professionals offering window tinting service in excellent quality.


window tinting benefits

One of the peculiarities offered by window tinting is that it offers greater comfort when driving, especially on summer days when the sun is so intense, this makes the advantage of having a window tint help your eyes feel more comfortable, as well as the advantage of not having to look for a shade under a tree or somewhere with a roof, since they reduce the entry of light making people feel more comfortable inside the vehicle, keeping them away from the reach of UV rays or with a privacy making their passengers feel calmer.

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